August 31, 2017

4 Showstopping Driveway Designs for Your NY Landscape

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The driveway of your Hauppauge, NY, landscape gives guests and neighbors a first impression of your home. Most driveways are used daily, so besides looking good, it needs to be durable and functional as well. The approach to the home offers a glimpse of the splendor to come – it doesn’t matter whether the driveway is long or short, so long as the design says something special about the place and offers a reliable welcoming to your home. If you’re looking to remodel your driveway, here are some driveway designs sure to inspire:

A Truly Green Driveway

Durable concrete paver grids, such as Turfstone pavers from Unilock, let plants or lawn grow in the spaces created by the blocks. These can be used to build a truly green, “living” driveway. Permeable pavers such as these are a good choice as they are environmentally friendly, letting the rain pass through to the ground underneath, reducing stormwater runoff that would otherwise make your landscape soggy and carry pollutants into natural waterways. Despite the surface consisting primarily of greenery, the concrete pavers provide reinforcement that maintains reliable structural stability. This option is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, or areas where the use of impermeable materials is prohibited. A Turfstone driveway blends seamlessly into the yard and the larger landscape, creating a merging of hardscape and softscape areas.

Incorporated Driveway Apron

Achieve elegance while promoting practicality by incorporating a driveway apron into your asphalt or paver driveway. A driveway apron typically starts at the curb and extends several feet towards the home. A driveway apron serves multiple purposes including protection of the surface where it is most vulnerable – at the driveway entrance. The driveway apron can also be fitted with permeable pavers to cover underground drainage solutions, or simply provide an interesting, historical aesthetic. Select pavers for your apron that will contrast and highlight the colors of your driveway and give your driveway a transformational new look. Driveway aprons can also be less expensive than replacing the entire driveway if the entrance section is worn or damaged. Cobblestone and brick style pavers are ideal options, offering an Old World feel and a charming welcome to guests.

Driveway in Motion

A few simple design elements can be used to create a sense of motion for your driveway and add eye catching curb appeal. The use of concentric circles, for example, can mimic the effect of rippling water. A herringbone or randomized pattern can give the surface a lively, visually interesting feel. Alternatively, consider a linear pattern that sweeps from the curb towards your home to guide the eye and contribute to a dramatic effect. A sense of movement can also be achieved with the use of diagonal lines to counteract visual monotony and distinguish the driveway from other hardscaped elements.

Large Format Pavers to Create the Impression of Space

For smaller driveways, or for driveways where a sense of space is desired, consider large format, lightly colored pavers. The size and color of your pavers can make the space appear larger than it actually is, with fewer lines present to interrupt the gaze. To further enhance this effect, select a jointing compound that blends with the color of the pavers.


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