May 14, 2019

Create a Private Oasis With These Commack, NY, Backyard Designs

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Few places are more inviting than a well-designed backyard. Just knowing you can head outside at the end of the day to your own little oasis can have a calming effect on your life. If you are looking for some ideas for backyard designs for your Commack, NY, property, here are some ways to incorporate privacy and peacefulness.

Pick a Water Feature

A water feature can work for both large and small backyard designs. There are many kinds of water features that can add the soothing sounds of trickling water to your landscape. For small properties, a waterfall feature that is installed into a wall or situated free-standing in a planting bed could be your best option. Or a reflecting pond with shimmering, still water can be recessed into the ground or into a patio area.

For larger backyards, a pond surrounded by rocks and blooming flowers can draw the birds and butterflies to your yard, creating your own little habitat. Children love to feed the goldfish, and you will love the look of lily pads and other aquatic plants as they grow in the pond.

A Simple Privacy Screen

Your backyard project does not have to be elaborate to make a difference. If you just need some privacy from a too-close neighbor, a wood or trellis privacy screen could be the perfect solution. With gaps between boards, air can pass through to keep your patio space from getting hot. Accessorize with some colorful pots of flowers and you have a mini oasis.

Add a Pergola

Adding a pergola to the edge of your backyard patio or deck can bring some much needed shade on a sunny day. You can plant pretty flowering vines that grow up the columns to create dappled light through the top of the structure. Hang a swing or add a comfortable couch with multiple pillows and you have a private space to read and enjoy your favorite drink. A pergola can either blend with your existing landscape or become a destination spot.

Install a Custom Patio

A large slab for a patio does not make for the feel of an oasis. What’s better is a paver patio that is carefully incorporated into your landscape and acts as its own outdoor room. Surfaced with brick pavers or stone pavers, the patio can be carefully situated to catch the breeze on a warm day. With some outdoor furniture and perhaps a dining table, a patio illuminated after dark will extend the dinner hour into dessert and beyond.

Construct an Outdoor Bar

Whether you are a sports fan or love to entertain, an outdoor bar can be a special gathering place for you and your friends. With a refrigerator to keep the drinks cold and an area for your guests to sit and chat while you mix their favorite drinks, a bar brings a focal point to your backyard. With a weatherproof cabinet to keep a large screen TV safe from the elements, you can watch your favorite sporting events and not have to run back and forth inside for more beverages.


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