April 6, 2017

Solutions to Backyard Design Flaws in Hicksville, NY

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The backyard is a place to relax and have fun with family and friends, not to struggle with poorly designed features that don’t make full use of your property’s potential, cause inconvenience and can potentially lead to property damage. Common backyard design flaws can also reduce the value of properties in Hicksville, NY. Obtaining professional help for your landscaping can solve these issues with a minimal amount of hassle before they have a chance to cause serious problems.

Lack of privacy

Your home is your castle, a sanctuary of peace and quiet from the outside world. A lack of privacy won’t cause anyone injury, but it can be a deterrent against being able to is use your spaces the way you want to. This is an issue that can be easily remedied. A quality landscaping company can determine the best method to maximize your privacy utilizing a number of different means. This can include a wall or fence upgrade, a row of trees or hedges, or the installation of privacy screens in accordance with your building code and your personal preferences.

Sterile environment

Is your backyard sterile and lacking personality? Perhaps it follows a cookie-cutter design scheme, with nothing to differentiate it from the run of the mill. This design flaw stems from a lack of balancing elements and variation. This can be resolved by incorporating characterful focal points and adding texture, color and shape in the form of plants or structure. A water feature, for example, can add originality and provide an interesting, dynamic point to settle on. The sound of flowing water alone is enough to add ambience to a space. Small ponds and streams can also be incorporated to add natural beauty to the environment.

To really spice up a backyard, multiple levels can be added using retaining walls. These consist of different segments, raised to varying heights. Contemporary terraces are eye-catching and sophisticated, and can convert a tired-looking slope into a rich, three dimensional feature.

Congested spaces

If your walkways or patio have been designed with undersized dimensions, this can result in hardscaping that doesn’t seem to match the scale of the yard. Narrow, congested walkways can also be a cause for injury, particularly around outdoor kitchens where guests, chefs and children compete for walkway space. The solution is to hire an experienced team to extend the patio or increase the width of your walkways. This can be done by adding to the existing framework, or simply replacing the problem areas with a more efficient design.

Swampy soil

Improper drainage can turn your beautiful backyard into a sodden mess. This can result in rot taking hold of the roots of plants and trees, and can seep into the foundations of structures, causing water damage. The solution is to speak to your landscaping company about a drainage plan incorporating surface and subsurface drainage systems.

Poor lighting

Effective outdoor lighting is essential for safe navigation of walkways and other outdoor spaces that you might use after dark. Lighting is also a huge contributor to evening ambience, but without an effective lighting plan it can also be a source of glare and discomfort. Talk to a landscaping professional about creating a layered lighting plan that provides both ambience and functionality to make your backyard accessible in the evening.


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